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Luxury and character does not preclude the pleasure of an excellent deal. As is the theme of the season, we did blow cold on the prices of some of our most beautiful address ... good travel

Morocco Desert Tour

Enjoy a mémorale ence in Morocco !

Enjoy Moroccan hospitality and share unforgettable moments and discover areas and cultural heritage of this great country ...

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Your dream holiday to Ker Morocco !

Morocco offers different facets, different contrasts, rich landscape, situations and activities ...

Morocco trekking

All new and beautiful !

The camp is a good opportunity for tourists to experience another lifestyle brand new ...

Morocco Trekking Tour

Imperial Cities and Atlantic Coast ...

You will experience peace in the vast Sahara Desert, share unforgettable moments by visiting the Berber world, particularly in the high mountains which summarizes in part the history of Morocco ...


Beach club

Beach club

Waterfront, the Beach Club is located on 3 acres of land in a circle, with a pool surrounded by a patio of a hectare of garden. The architecture and decor are of Moroccan style. For sports you can choose from water sports, volleyball, football, tennis and water aerobics. You can also go directly to [...]
Hôtel Tropicana

Hôtel Tropicana

Experience: Just as the Berbers or desert tribes, let yourself be drawn by the magic of this place, no doubt, you will be welcomed like a king. With a backdrop of snow-covered Atlas.

The Tropicana features 149 units, all equipped with [...]

Hotel Tikida Garden

Hotel Tikida Garden

Tikida Garden has improved with time! The hotel, which now belongs to the group Best Western, it has opened more than twenty years but impossible to notice thanks to the constant and effective maintenance of its infrastructure. Who said the age of leaving traces? As its name suggests (Tikida means [...]