With assets in hand, such as the high qualifications of its staff, its flexibility and responsiveness to customer requests, KERMAROC conquered the Moroccan market by composing and selling to date, a large number of offers successful voyages.

It has a team that has demonstrated that it is worthy of admiration in a highly competitive national environment in tourism, it always seeks gained market share in Morocco. Thus, a high percentage of the market was captured by the travel agency Morocco.

And, thanks to the competence, good use of resources and effort provided by the team for good, well-being and the smile of its customers.

With such achievements, and to support their confidence in the credibility of this travel agency, the number of clients increases from time to another.

This increase pushes the team KERMAROC to double its effort to be dynamic, active and attentive to meet and better serve customers who are always looking for the best, and offers the best KERMAROC.